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About Us

Be Excellent

For more than 20 years, we helped cabinet manufacturers exceed their clients' expectations.

With its extremely high quality standards, the company has quickly turned into a secret shared among industry experts. Fabridor is a specialist in the manufacturing of cabinetry doors of your choice. Whether Solid Wood doors, Slab Veneer doors, MDF doors or Thermofoil doors, the quality standards really go beyond the industry expectations.
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Be Ressourceful

The pride of being engaged as a company that cares about the environment drives us to find new ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Thus, all products entering and leaving Fabridor are fully recyclable. This environmental dimension is essential to our distinction as a manufacturer.
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Be Creative

Fabridor is much more than a cabinet doors company, it is a seasoned and passionate team that delivers the best of itself day after day. Our craftsmen-specialists and craftswomen-specialists highlight their know-how to give a real uniqueness to your projects. Even with a strong production capacity that uses the latest technologies, we believe that the human touch is essential, and this is what makes us proud.

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